Till date windows 10 is the latest Microsoft’s operating system, most of us like to use the latest technologies and features, so we update as fast possible. But you must have noticed that update brings new features and also fixes some minor and major bugs but even after updating our OS becomes slow it won’t lag if your computers configuration is good enough but you may have noticed that your windows is not that fast as it used to be.

I am back with a new article based on windows 10, that is how to speed up your windows 10 and optimize for good gaming experience. These are some easy steps you can follow to keep your windows 10 top-notch. This tutorial is mainly for windows 10.

Startup Programs

If you have little computer knowledge you must be thinking why these many programs are running at the time of startup of operating system, Its nothing but the programs you install. You can always disable those programs which are slowing down your computer, if you don’t know what all programs are running while startup of your OS you can find those in task manager, then in startup you can find which program is using high startup impact in those list if don’t want anything u cab easily disable it so next time it won’t start on its own.

DisableĀ Transparency

Its kind of feature most of us don’t need it. Transparency that thing we find in taskbar, disabling that won’t make that much of performance improvement but if you don’t need that you can always turn that thing off, personally I don’t need that but it makes taskbar look good sometimes… but it is recommended to keep it off/disable.

Enable Fast Startup

It will not make your PC superman, sure it will improve speed of startup. For that, go to control panel>system and security>power options>choose what the power buttons do (you will find this option on left corner of your screen)>turn on fast startup. Now it startup’s much faster than before.

Uninstall Unwanted Software

Whenever we get to know about a software we try that, its good we should try every thing who knows something would turn out to be useful to us, but we forget to uninstall that no more needed software. Try to install only thing you need or else don’t install. Keeping those unwanted software’s can slow down your PC a bit, make sure you uninstall unwanted software. Some we don’t even know that new software is being added to your system this happens when we install software some third party software are also installed so go through all the software’s which are installed and remove unwanted and unknown software’s but make sure you don’t touch any drivers installed.

Switch To High Performance Mode

Trust me changing your power setting to high will improve performance a lot while gaming, You can easily do that go to Control Panel > System and security > Power Options > High Performance. This option will help your to PC/Laptop perform better consuming more power.

Drivers Update

Regularly check for update for drivers installed on your PC use any third party software or you check manually, If yours is Gaming machine then you should check for latest driver for your GPU. You can update drivers directly through your GPU setting. Updating drivers improve Performance of your hardware. Its highly recommended keeping your hardware’s driver up to date. If you game a lot then disable windows automatic update setting because this may cause automatic restart sometime after downloading system updates if your are not aware.

Disk Cleanup

The built in tool of windows disk cleanup does its job it removes all unwanted files like temporary files, thumbnails, temporary internet files, windows upgrade log files and many more we can select at the time of cleanup. You can search for disk cleanup and perform this cleanup.

Update DirectX

DirectX 12 is the latest one update if your system has good graphics card, it improves your overall gaming experience.

Use antivirus

If you have an antivirus then perform a quick scan once a week and full scan once a month this will help you find any virus, malware or anything that can harm your system. If you don’t have antivirus you can use windows defender it comes with your windows 10 Pre-installed its good enough to protect you from minor malware or anything which may harm your computer

These are some tips to improve overall performance of your windows 10, I hope you all like it.





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