We don’t like to create multiple bootable USB drive or we don’t have many USB drives for multiple windows. But we can create a Bootable USB drive containing windows 7/8/10, XP and linux in the same drive.

In this I will show you how to create a bootable USB drive and install windows 7/8/10, XP and linux from the same USB drive.

Thing we require:

Windows  XP ISO, Windows 7/8/10 ISO and linux ISO

16 or + USB drive

Software we need for this : WinSetupFromUSB, you can download this software from its official website


Step 1: Connect your USB drive, make sure you backup all your important data, because this process will erase your USB drive to create a Bootable USB drive.

Step 2: Download the software WinSetupFromUSB. Depending on the version of your windows running in your pc, click either on Winsetupfromusb or winsetupfromusb X64 to launch the software.

Step 4: after winsetupfromUSB  starts, select your USB drive in which you want to create and select autoformat it with FBinst option, select FAT32 as file system instead of NTFS if you want your MULTI_BOOT USB DRIVE to be caompatable with bios.

Step 5: select the check box and browse ISO files which you want to install like winxp, 7 and linux.

Step 6: you have chosen to add windows xp and windows 7 to the USB drive ad make it bootable, check the advanced options box to open advanced options dialog, select the option titled Custom menu names for vista/7/8 server source. This will enable you to add your custom names to your windows 7 and windows 8 setups in the boot menu so that you can identify it quickly. Once done close advanced options dialog.

Step 8: click go button. Click Yes button when you see the warning messages. If you have selected custom menu names for vista,/7/8, you’ll see a small box asking you to enter custom name for windows setup and click OK button o allow WinsetupfromUSB .

Step 9: once done , you’ll see job done message on the screen. After that don’t close winsetupfromUSB yet as we have to add windows 10 or 8 installation files to the usb. And if you don’t want to add, you can close the application.

Step 10: to add another windows ISO file, select the option titled windows vista/7/8/server based ISO and then select our windows ISO file and select the same USB drive.

Step 11: same as above enable the option advanced option and then select custom menu names for vista/7/8.

Step 12: then click on GO button. Click Yes when you see warning dialogue box and enter a name for the setup, after doing this tour bootable USB containing windows XP,7 and 8/10.

After creating multi-bootable USB drive, you can connect to your PC or laptop and install windows OS you like.

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