We can take a copy of our favourite windows with us wherever we go, we can use it on any computer we want. Here’s how to install a portable version of windows 7,8 or 10 any windows you like on a USB drive.

The enterprise version of windows has a feature called Windows To Go using which we can install a portable version of windows  on a certified drive. But most of us don’t have the enterprise edition of window nor a certified drive. There is a tool called WinToUSB using that we can create a bootable USB drive using that we can use windows directly without installing we can create this with an windows any version.

Note that this is different from installing windows from a Bootable USB drive, which allows you to install windows from USB to our PC. Here we are actually installing windows on an USB drive which will be Bootable through bios setup and we can run it from USB drive on any computer or laptop we want to, we can use it for troubleshooting, sometimes our windows get corrupt or something happens that will not boot windows that time we can use this USB drive with pre installed windows to move files from our PC to any external drive like hard disk. If you are a MAC user you can do this with OS X.


A windows installation disc or ISO Image . I recommend using windows 8 or 10, because windows XP and 7 is not as portable as 8 & 10, most of the times it has driver issues if you use it on other computer , windows 8 and 10 will allow us to use a portable installation on any computer like plug and play J.

A USB drive. An external hard drive is required, it will run faster, USB 3.0 is better than USB 2.0 for this, though it will work if your installing windows 88 or 10, it will not work with windows 7.

WinToUSB. This is the program we will use for creating a portable windows USB drive.


  • Install WinToUSB software in your pc and Run the program. You’ll need to be an administrator in order to install WinToUSB to your computer.
  • Create your portable drive, after starting the program there are only few steps.
  • Select your installer media or ISO Image u want to install on your USB drive, then select operating system you want to install.
  • You’ll be asked to select your hard drive in which u want to install and choose the system and boot partitions, With USB hard drive you should just be able to select the first partition as system and second as boot, and make sure you format your drive as NTFS.
  • Then click next, the installation will begin, for me it took around 35 minutes, though speed may vary depending on the speed of your hard drive.
  • That it, after doing all these, you can start using your portable installation on whatever computer you want, just plug It in and restart the computer, and boot from the USB just like we do when we install windows using bootable USB drive.
  • The first time it start it may take some time to install necessary drivers and take a while to boot, after that you can set up your windows as you do, sometime we have to manually adjust thing like screen resolution, but after completing all the setup and everything you can shut it down and remove the USB drive and you can use it on other computer. That’s all 🙂


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