Formatting is one of the important tool while using any type of storage devices like pendrive and can help to solve a lot of problems and errors. But we always use the common method of formatting right click and format, but sometimes we try many time through the property menus but it shows with an error, sometimes it won’t even recognize the USB drive properly. Here you can use this method to solve problems with your USB drive. Formatting pendrives using cmd is a common process, but unless you have gone through this procedure before it can be really hard you will need a pendrive. Here are the steps guide to format pendrive using cmd.


This guide formats your usb drive as FAT32, to format as NTFS simply substitute the term in the command box. FAT32 is the recommended formatting style by this guide but many do prefer NTFS. Follow below steps to format a corrupted or unable to format using normal method pendrives.

Step 1: When your are at your desktop insert your pendrive.

Step 2: Go to my computer and see what letter is denoted to your pendrive (E, F, G, H..).

Step 3: Your pendrive should be listed in one of this location, as portable storage or something similar.

Step 4: Go to the windows start menu, click run.

Step 5: Type cmd into the run dialog box and click ok, this will start your command prompt windows from which you will be able to choose your format style and name your drive.

Step 6: Type “FORMAT G:” it depends which letter is denoted to your usb by default. If you want to format as FAT32 then type “Format G: /FS:FAT32”

Step 7: Here you press enter again and then give a name to your pendrive. Follow these prompts than click on enter again.

That all you have completed the process of formatting your usb drive using cmd, go and check your drive working properly or not it should work… 🙂 

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