Windows OS shows many different varieties of error. The most popular error is .dll. most of the time we face .dll error while installing any program on our computer, here the solution to solve all type of .dll files.

You must have seen an error box just like the above picture. Sometimes this errors may pop up even on startup and shutdown, as the message says, the .dll file is missing from your computer.

This error may be caused due to several reasons, some of them are:

Registry problem, corrupt .dll file from system 32 or it may deleted somehow, malware problems.

Before doing anything


Step 1: CHECK YOUR RECYCLE BIN make sure you have not accidentally deleted .dll file.

Step 2: REINSTALL THE PROGRAM at the time you get this error box, you will that there it says to try and reinstall the program. I would suggest restart your PC and try reinstalling the program and see if the error box come again.


Step 4: SYSTEM RESTORE if you have created a system restore before in your windows 8 or 10 pc this the correct time o restore your system to your previous point when you created the restore point when windows was working fine, but doing this will erase all apps or changes you made to windows. If you don’t know how to create system restore I already posted a post how to create system restore in windows 8 and 10 see take a look.

Step 6: If you have good paid antivirus then scan for viruses, make sure to do full system scan, if these does not work.

Step 7: You can get all type of .dll files on internet just download it,

Open the xip-file you downloaded DLL file

Extract the .dll file to the location of your computer,after extracting your zip file, place the extracted .dll file in the directory of the program that is requesting the file. Make sute to use a32 bit dll file for 32bit program, and 64bit for a 64bit program.

If that does not help your problem, place the file to..

C: \Windows\system32 (windows XP,Vista,7,8,10)

 After that restart your computer.. That all.. 🙂

If u have any problem or question, comment or mail me


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